Why Choose Atlantic Canada?

The Atlantic Canadian Advantage

People, Community, and Quality

Atlantic Canada’s food and beverage sector’s most significant advantage is our people. A down-to-earth, hard-working community of self-starters and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and the unique east coast way of life. Whether lending a neighbour a hand or brokering prosperous business partnerships to share our products with the world, creating a strong sense of community and connection to each other and our land is key to our economic success. Atlantic Canadian history is steeped in stories of partnership, collaboration, and a rugged determination to prosper and grow. Those values represent the backbone of this diverse coastal region of Canada.

The products produced in Atlantic Canada benefit from a business culture that fosters research and innovation, a focus on sustainable agriculture, and a quest to create the highest quality products by leveraging our diverse seasons, rich land, vast waterways, and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. From grassroots multigenerational family-owned farming operations to global corporations, we choose to operate our businesses and make our homes here. Because we take pride in our work and the products we grow, harvest, produce, package, and deliver to family tables worldwide.

All products produced and exported from Atlantic Canada get our federal government’s stamp of approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This certification process ensures that sustainable production processes, product traceability, high quality, and exceptional safety standards are met in preparation for export to other markets.


Atlantic Canada’s food & beverage industry is known for its innovative, forward-thinking approach, investing in its people and communities, and striving for continuous improvement to deliver high-quality products worldwide. A culmination of innovation and sustainability includes the 40,000-honeybee hives that call Atlantic Canada home. These small but mighty habitants help pollinate fruit crops—including our many varieties of berries—and produce high-quality east coast honey sold at local farmer’s markets and exported to markets worldwide.

Apple orchard in the summer

Rich Land

Atlantic Canada has a richly colourful and fertile landscape that varies from province to province, and though each region has unique features, some products thrive in all four. Its diverse product offerings include cranberry farms and iceberg water harvesting in Newfoundland and Labrador, apple orchards and blueberry fields in Nova Scotia, potato fields and signature Canadian maple syrup in New Brunswick, a growing fruit industry and the iconic, red-soiled potato fields of Prince Edward Island. 

Rolling hills next to the ocean
A young girl caring for sheep on a farm
A handful of potatoes just harvested

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